Looking for some guitar lessons in Rome?
Here are all the places where you'll find me!

Guitar & Vocal Lab (my own studio) - Via Bertinoro, 26 - (Roma - zona Eur/Spinaceto)
Scuola di Musica NEUMA - Via Genzano, 10 - (Roma - zona Colli Albani)
Soundville - Via Luca Marenzio, 12 - (Roma - zona Trieste/Salario)
Armonie Musicali - Via Alberto da Giussano, 64 H - (Roma, zona Pigneto)
- Centro Ottava - Via Francesco Dell’Anno, 26 - (Roma, zona Aurelia)
What about online lessons, and playing guitar directly from your home?

I've been giving online lessons for many years now, and I'm always glad to see my students playing from all around the world!
The lessons will be live recorded with a full HD multi-camera system, a fast internet connection and professional audio.
At the end of every lesson, together with backing tracks scores and exercises, you'll get audio video recordings of the most important parts.

Are you a blues fan/player/student?
If the answer is "yes" I suggest you to have a look at this video course, it has English subtitles too!
Once again, I'd like to thank my friends from MusicOff who co-produced this videos!

In almost 20 years of teaching I watched many students grow up, approaching music and guitar playing with passion and curiosity. Some of them are now professional players, some others just play for fun, but they all gave me many moments of joy and satisfaction. To honor their work I started a Youtube channel where you'll find all their performance that I recorded for them in my studio.

Here is just a quick selection, but you'll find a lot more on this LINK!

Hope you'll enjoy!