“Outer Space” is the second album by roman guitarist Vincenzo Grieco, recorded together with the Exoplanets, a trio featuring Giulio Giancristofaro on bass and vocals, and Piero Pierantozzi on drums. The ten-song record can be seen as a representation of the colour spectrum with each track referring to a different shade and sometimes blue is the prevailing one because of a widespread bluesy feel. Nevertheless Outer Space goes beyond the rainbow because of its nod to the colour black, indeed Vincenzo Grieco and the Exoplanets paid their tribute to the dark matter of rock, namely the 90’s vintage sound spanning from the Mr. Big and Richie Kotzen heavy guitar riffs, to the Soundgarden and Alice In Chains classic grunge style, with a touch of Jimi Hendrix sensation. Any way you slice it, this power trio is ready to rock the house down with this blistering and inspired new album.